KY Gov. Beshear: State not stepping in on fall sports

KY Gov: State not stepping in on fall sports, players react

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - High school football practices are underway in western Kentucky.

14 News was present as several teams in Owensboro held their first official practices of the season.

Last week, the Kentucky High School Athletics Association said official practices could start Monday with regular-season competition starting September 11.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said he was not going to stop the decision made by the KHSAA. Health officials also said they’re pushing for high school athletes to get tested for COVID-19 each week.

“We’re going to talk about sports now real quick in this context - I hope, I hope in Kentucky that we can be more successful than in other places, but the outlook is not good,” Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack said. “First of all, I’d ask you if you’re in a public school or a private school in the state, do you have the money and the resources and the ability to secure three tests per week for the students to play sports? I think you all know the answer to that.”

For the Owensboro Catholic High School football players that 14 News spoke with this week, the news that state officials won’t block KHSAA’s plan was well received.

“When we got that news this afternoon when [Gov. Beshear] wasn’t going to delay us any further, you know, it’s great,” Owensboro Catholic senior player Owen Hayden said.

The Owensboro High School Football Team also held their first official practice on Monday. Coach Jay Fallin told 14 News they’re excited to be practicing.

One player said the possibility of the season getting cut short is in the back of their mind.

“But I mean... can’t really do nothing about that. You just gotta stay prepared,” Owensboro High School senior Ethan Avery said. “... and stay ready.”

During the Kentucky COVID-19 briefing on Monday, state health officials warned the future of sports doesn’t look bright when seeing what’s happening in other states.

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