Resurrection Catholic prepping for ‘Faux Festival’ in October

Nearly 200 pounds of dumplings prepared for food booth on Saturday

Resurrection Catholic prepping for ‘Faux Festival’ in October

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancelation of the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival in 2020, but organizations who usually set up food booths are coming up with ways to salvage a small part of the festival.

One of those organizations includes the Resurrection Catholic Church and School. This year, church and school leaders are holding what they call a “Faux Festival,” which is currently scheduled for the first week of October.

Resurrection officials, along with Corpus Christi Catholic School, will set up their booths in their parking lot and sell their annual food items. For Resurrection, one of those hot ticket items is their chicken and dumplings.

On Saturday morning, volunteers gathered to prepare the nearly 200 pounds of dumplings. Volunteers make them from scratch, put them in bags to freeze and they’ll be ready to cook in October.

“We’ve never - I mean we’ve never not had one, so that is a big chunk of money that helps provide us money for our books, any other special events for our teachers,” volunteer Debbie Mitchell said. “There’s just so many factors of that RPC and this money that it goes to, so we decided at least if we can put something together, we can make up the difference somehow.”

Resurrection normally brings in upwards of $50,000 annually during the week of the fall festival.

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