Evansville Day School teaches students in and out of the classroom

Evansville Day School teaches students in and out of the classroom

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) -Teachers across the Tri-State are incorporating virtual learning into their classrooms now.

Evansville Day School is one school where virtual and in-person learning are in full swing.

”I think the biggest challenge has been making sure the technology works right, making sure we have fast enough internet, which it’s been fine. But the kids have been showing up when they need to,” Angela Craft, the middle school English teacher said.

With some students opting to attend class virtually, teachers have had to get creative.

”I’ve had to kind of redevelop lesson plans and do different tweaks, so maybe they do something by video instead of working by hands,” Craft said.

School officials say the transition for students and teachers has been surprisingly smooth.

”It’s really gone incredibly well. We designed the system to make the student feel like they’re in the classroom as much as possible and to make the teacher and other students that are here on campus feel like that student is involved,” Kevin Kunst, the Head of Evansville Day School said.

Changes to the school day takes quite a bit of creativity, and officials say that’s what has made the process easier than originally thought.

”We trust our teachers as the educational professionals to build the classroom experience that works for them because they know what to do,” Leah Whitaker, the Director of Advancement at Evansville Day School said.

Other creative ideas came from volunteers who built shaded structures in the back of the school to give teachers some flexibility.

”If they want to space out, they want to do class, maybe give kids more of a mask-less experience as long as they’re distanced.”

School officials say they’ve gotten plenty of positive feedback about their virtual schooling experience so far.

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