Daviess Co. officials address November election

Updated: Aug. 21, 2020 at 3:24 PM CDT
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DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - The state board of elections issued an emergency regulation Thursday for the upcoming general election.

“The emergency regulation is due to the pandemic, to COVID-19 so just like in the primary we want people to be able to vote but to do it safely,” said Daviess County Clerk, Leslie McCarty.

Local election officials say this will create lots of changes for voters especially when it comes to absentee voting.

“We are still doing absentee voting as well but we will not be covered under COVID-19,” said McCarty.

Rather, the clerk says if you're worried about going to a public place to cast your ballot, you can register for an absentee ballot - but must list the reason for doing so as medical.

“So if you feel unsafe with the novel Coronavirus you can either go on the portal or call and say I need a ballot due to a medical reason,” said McCarty.

For those not interested in absentee voting, Daviess County election officials say they're encouraging early voting to make things operate more smoothly.

“That’s a lot for our poll workers and the staff so we definitely encourage early voting,” said McCarty.

Election officials say voters will not be assigned to the precinct for the general election. Instead, they say there will be eight different voting centers set up throughout the county.

“So a precinct is designated by where you live, a voting center you can come from anywhere in the county and vote,” said McCarty.

The Clerk says they’re expecting a large voter turnout come November 3rd.

“We have great poll workers and we have great staff so I think it’s gonna be really successful,” said McCarty.

Those needing to register to vote have until October 5 to do so. Election officials say early voting will start October 13 and go until November 2.

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