KHSAA votes to move forward with fall sports as planned

KHSAA votes to move forward with fall sports as planned

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - The KHSAA Board of Control decided Thursday that fall sports will proceed as planned.

The 16-2 vote upheld the board’s decision back in July, meaning practice can start on Monday, August 24 and competition can begin the week of Monday, September 7. Kentucky high school football will start September 11.

The vote was met with gratitude from players, coaches and fans online. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said he was “surprised” by the decision.

”With the current level of the virus... listen if I was somebody wanting to play a 10-game season in a high-contact sport, starting it now - the odds aren’t good,” Gov. Beshear said during his daily COVID-19 update on Thursday.

“If things move forward in a way that doesn’t set us up for success, it could have a domino effect on other sports and other teams.”

The Governor needs to approve the KHSAA Board of Control’s plan, along with the Department of Education and the Department of Public Health.

At the time of his daily briefing, Gov. Beshear said he had not yet received the written recommendation by the KHSAA and he would not make a decision before looking it over.

You can watch the KHSAA Board of Control’s full meeting on Thursday in the video below.

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