UE students ‘excited’ to move to campus despite COVID-19 concerns

UE students ‘excited’ to move to campus despite COVID-19 concerns

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Thursday was the first day students could start moving back to campus at the University of Evansville.

Housing and Residence Life at the University has added a few new rules for the upcoming academic year. One of these rules included the way that move-in procedures would operate this week.

This year, UE dedicated five days for students to move in and gave the first day to freshmen. In order to practice social distancing, only two students on each floor can move into their living space at a time.

Along with mandating face masks, only students living in their specific building can walk the hallways. Meanwhile, the University is using off-campus housing as isolation units for any students who need to be quarantined.

University leaders are hoping these rules will help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Many universities around the country are struggling with this exact issue. Only a couple of weeks into reopening, some colleges like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have sent their students back home after clusters of COVID-19 outbreaks were reported at several dorms on campus.

This scenario is something that UE officials are hoping to avoid.

“We’ve been working with our orientation leaders, as well as our resident assistance, RAs, to talk about ways to encourage people to not participate in unsafe practices,” Director of Residence Life Michael Tessier said. “Really, it’s up to our students. I mean we want to have a full semester. We want to have a full year.”

Tessier isn’t alone. Students are also wanting the year to last as long as it can. Even with the unknown future surrounding this virus, students tell 14 News the uncertainty doesn’t outweigh the excitement.

“Just getting out of high school and being on my own for once and just finding my way - finding my next chapter, what I really want to do in life - that’s what I’m most excited about,” incoming freshman Evan Turner said.

The University is also encouraging students and staff to take the purple pledge and make the promise to do their part to keep people safe on campus during the pandemic.

UE is giving the student body the next four days to continue to move into their residence spaces before moving forward with the new school year.

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