IU students could be suspended after large party

IU students could be suspended after large party

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WFIE) - Indiana University is investigating a large, off-campus student party in Bloomington on Wednesday night.

School officials say they're working right now to identify who participated.

They say the party violated both county and state regulations for event size, physical distancing and face coverings.

“It honestly kind of makes me mad,” University of Evansville sophomore Ashley Lackman expressed. “I feel like they’re not taking this situation as serious as they need to.”

IU officials say this could pose a serious threat to the campus community.

They’re looking into possible suspensions for those who did not comply with the University’s COVID-19 health and safety directives.

“I get we’re in college. We all want to have a good time,” UE freshman Jordan McKinney said. “You grow up hearing about the college experience and we all want to have that. But, what’s more important? Someone’s life or getting to go to a party?”

In-person classes are scheduled to begin Monday, August 24.

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