Vanderburgh Co. receives new voting machines

Vanderburgh Co. receives new voting machines

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Vanderburgh County has new voting machines this year.

”The touch screen does not actually record any votes it’s just for selection purposes,” Carla Hayden the Vanderburgh Co. Clerk said. “The paper is the actual ballot. Once it has ran through the scanner, the vote is recorded in three places, plus we have a paper backup, making four total. The voter-verified paper audit trail that so many voters have asked for.”

When you make your way to your polling location for the general election, you’ll notice new machines that the county clerk says cost just over $2 million.

”They were purchased with a federal grant so they were at no cost to voters in Vanderburgh County for this equipment,” Hayden said.

The process will be simple. Once checked in, you’ll scan your personal identification code and then use the touch screen to make your selections.

”They will actually get a printed ballot. They will have an opportunity to review, make sure that they’re choices are as they expected them to be. Once they have verified that those are the choices that they wished to make, then that ballot is ran through a scanner and dropped into a ballot box,” Hayden said.

Hayden says the primary election gave officials a good idea on how they’ll handle safety precautions come November.

”We do have all of the PPE there, we have gloves, we have hand sanitizers and we have masks if people need them. We do sanitize between each voter. We do social distancing at the polling place either in the line or by separating the voting machines from each other,” Hayden said.

As for volunteers for this election, Hayden says she’s optimistic they’ll have just as many as the primary.

”We were able to be fully staffed for the primary so we are optimistic that we’ll be able to do the same thing here in the fall. It was a little tighter than usual because we had to dip into some sources that we hadn’t used before,” Hayden said.

Hayden said as of Wednesday afternoon the election office has received 1,412 applications to vote by mail.

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