Fewer bus riders causing traffic flow problems at Jasper schools

Fewer bus riders causing traffic flow problems at Jasper schools

JASPER, Ind. (WFIE) - During the dismissal time at Jasper Elementary School, the pick-up car line is a lengthy one.

“COVID-19 causes people to maybe be concerned maybe about riding busses, or just felt better on the first day,” Jasper Chief of Police Nathan Schmitt said.

In the middle of a pandemic, parents are opting to drop off and pick up their kids from school.

“I did hear numbers where they counted last year, two schools combined were like (around 90) vehicles, where this year - just yesterday - the first day there was 201 vehicles dropping off,” Schmitt said.

Despite the traffic, the principal at Jasper Elementary says that school started on time Thursday. However, the recent influx of school traffic is causing problems for parents.

”Well, I just live down the street, and I thought it would be fairly quick, and I came from work and the line was all the way down to the four-way stop,” parent Lacey Smith said.

The Jasper Police Department says the school corporation has been looking at ways to better utilize the parking lot, making a third line for cars or changing traffic directions if need be.

“As the school year goes on and people feel more comfortable, I think kids are going to ride the bus a little bit more,” Schmitt said.

Until then that time comes, officials ask for patience as this unconventional school year unfolds.

”We’ve always had a little bit of a traffic issue with the middle school by itself, and now with the new elementary school, it added 800 children worth of vehicles out here,” Schmitt said.

Police say they also want to remind people to be aware of the school buses and the newly added bus stop arm cameras. They say there were several stop arm violations that happened this week.

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