Ruptured gas line capped following reported leak in Newburgh

Ruptured gas line capped following reported leak in Newburgh

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - Crews worked for hours to repair a gas line in Warrick County after it was ruptured Thursday afternoon.

“It had just started raining - I looked out and I started hearing a loud hissing noise, and I’m like ‘What is that?’” Greg Warren questioned.

It was not just the rain blowing in the wind. Warren also began to smell a gas odor.

"I just heard the loud hissing noise," Warren recalled. "It was almost deafening. It was pretty loud."

He lives very close to where that high-pressure gas line was ruptured along the intersection of Telephone Road and Bell Road in Newburgh. Warren, along with other neighbors including a group home, got out of the area.

"I went over to the neighbor's house and hung out over there for a couple hours," Warren told 14 News.

Ohio Township Fire Department Captain David Shipley says the storm that blew through caused the wind direction to constantly change, which made the work extra challenging.

The Chandler Fire Department assisted in response to the reported gas leak.

“We were able to divide up with multiple gas meters and go to home to home,” Shipley stated.

"There's no telling how much gas leaked into the air," Warren added. "It was a lot."

Shipley also told 14 News the break was caused by accident while utilities were being moved in a project to widen the road.

No one was hurt.

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