Warrick Co. schools begin a new year with safety guidelines in place

Warrick Co. schools begin a new year with safety guidelines in place

WARRICK CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Kids in Warrick County also head back to school Wednesday.

Schools in Warrick County are preparing for a year of unknowns as students are heading back to school during a pandemic.

As we reported, the pandemic hasn’t left this administration untouched.

Last week, we told you an administrator at Castle High School tested positive for COVID-19. Superintendent Brad Schneider says that person and two other close contacts were placed under quarantine.

The school district released its reopening plan to help keep students safe this year.

They are asking parents to screen students for COVID symptoms. Students are also strongly encouraged to socially distance at bus stops, and they are required to wear face masks on the bus.

In the classrooms, hand sanitizer will be available for students to use when entering.

They are also having teachers rotate to different classrooms during the day rather than having students move from room to room.

We went to Oakdale Elementary to see how their first day went. We saw a lot of changes for students this school year. Many needing help finding their assigned entrance., just one of many new protocols put in place to keep student’s safe this year.

Cotie Collins has a student going into Kindergarten this year. She said she was glad the protocols were in place.“I feel confident that the teachers here have done really well with informing all of us parents with their protocols with the coronavirus, but a little nervous sending my five year old to school.”

Collins said it wasn’t easy dropping her child for his first year of school, especially during a pandemic. “I just dropped off a crying five year old and I know how it’s breaking my heart. I can only imagine what they’re going through. Experiencing all of this, it’s very difficult,” said Collins.

For some parents it was a relief to get their kids back into the classroom after months of learning at home.

Keshia Seger has one student in the first grade. She said, “My kid needs to definitely be in school, he needs to be around the socializing, the kids. Even with the fear of them having to wear masks and being away from everyone, I still think it’s very important for him to be in school.”

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