ISP reminds drivers to slow down for school zones

ISP reminds drivers to slow down for school zones

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - With many schools back in session, Indiana State Police wants to remind drivers to be extra cautious in school zones.

”Unfortunately, every year we see stop-arm violations throughout Indiana every single day. Unfortunately, some children are injured and killed,” Sergeant Todd Ringle said.

Now that school buses are back on the road and school zone speed limits are back in effect, Indiana State Police is urging you to slow down.

”Remember if you’re on a multiple lane highway with no divider and a school bus stops, everybody has to stop,” Sergeant Ringle said.

ISP says intersections like Vann Road and State Route 261 have schools nearby so they are asking us to make sure we stay at the school zone speed limit at all times.

”We are out here often and we are continuously stopping vehicles for traffic violations and so forth,” Sergeant Ringle said. “But what people need to understand is it only takes one driver to make a mistake for something bad to happen.”

ISP and the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office had numerous speeding violations on Wednesday for the first day of school.

”These kids are excited to get to school. They may be running, they’re not looking both ways, so when you’re traveling around a school, especially in a school zone area, we are asking you to slow down and keep a watchful eye out for those children and please put those phones down,” Sergeant Ringle said.

ISP is hoping with the new Hands-Free cell phone law, drivers will be less distracted and more cautious in school zones.

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