North Spencer schools prepare to welcome students back

North Spencer schools prepare to welcome students back

Lincoln City, Ind. (WFIE) - North Spencer students will be welcomed back to school on Wednesday and just like other districts, safety precautions will be in place.

”We’ve established purchasing some clear barriers in certain situations where students can’t comfortably distance. We can utilize some of those and they’re very portable,” Dan Scherry, the Superintendent of North Spencer County schools said.

Other back to school safety precautions include hand sanitizing stations around the school, social distancing markers at lunchtime and a new air filtration system.

”A device called an O2 Prime Ionization device and the research that we’ve seen shows that it is effective in removing 70 percent of microbes that are in the air,” Scherry said.

Students who choose to participate in virtual learning options will opt-in every semester in order to give families a chance to determine if they want their children to go back to school as time goes on.

As for teachers returning for in-person learning, they say they’re ready to get back to teaching.

”It’s been bizarre. I think I speak for everybody when I say that,” Josh Wilson, a teacher at North Spencer High School said. “But one thing that teachers, all of us here at North Spencer seem to have in common, is we want and need those connections with our students. They energize us and we energize them and it’s a real symbiotic relationship and it’s totally necessary.”

Wilson says normalizing the school day for his students will be extremely important for him.

”Inspire them every single day. So you have to find ways to do that whether it’s with a mask on or not,” Wilson said.

The superintendent says if a school does need to quarantine during the year, they are prepared to move all students to virtual learning.

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