More KY schools adjust plans after Governor’s recommendation

More KY schools adjust plans after Governor’s recommendation

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Kentucky schools are quickly adjusting after the Governor’s recommendation not to continue in person classes until Sep. 28.

As we reported Monday, Henderson announced they would starting the year virtually shortly after Governor Beshear’s announcement.

Daviess County, Union County, and Webster County schools have also announced shifting to their backup plans, which includes online only learning to begin the year.

Mulenberg County Schools were already starting the year virtually. They say they will now just continue it for at least an extra week.

Hopkins County Schools say, even though they are saddened, they will also abide by the recommendation.

They say they will continue to work with the local business community through Operation: Caring for Our Kids to seek new options for child care.

The soft openings planned for in-person students will be rescheduled.

They say school officials will be reaching out to families with specific instructions regarding the start of the school year and will release more information on the breakfast and lunch programs soon.

McLean County Schools say they don’t plan on in-person classes until Oct. 28.

Owensboro Public Schools will start school August 24 as scheduled but will be virtual-only instruction until at least October 2.

They say they still intend to honor the September 18 date mentioned in our reopening plan of notifying our families of our district’s intentions following Fall Break the week of October 5-9.

Owensboro Public Schools superintendent, Dr. Matthew Constant says since the beginning of March, school leaders have had to adapt to lots of changes.

“It seems that since March 13th school districts have been programmed to change, change and change again,” said Dr. Constant.

The superintendent says though they’ll be starting this school year the same way they ended the last one, things will not be the same.

“It will be different than what happened in March, April, and May - it will be better,” said Dr. Constant.

In Ohio County, the superintendent posted a video message about the change to virtual-only classes for now.

As for Owensboro Catholic Schools, officials say they’re meeting with other catholic schools throughout the state to determine whether or not they’ll change their five-day in-person learning plan.

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