Name of man who died in Owensboro boating incident released

Name of man who died in Owensboro boating incident released

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The search is now over for the man who had been missing in the Ohio River near English Park.

Fire officials said early Tuesday afternoon, his body had been found.

Wednesday, the coroner confirmed it was 20-year-old Hunter Howard.

Steve Leonard, Battalion Chief of the Owensboro Fire Department, says they were able to locate the body using sonar technology.

He says they were fortunate to have good weather and calm waters which aided the search, but obviously, a sad situation for all involved here.

Leonard says they believe five people were on the boat when it began taking water. Four of which swam safely to the shore, however, the incident remains under investigation.

”Right now, fish and wildlife is investigating the incident to determine exactly how it happened, what was going on. We know that there were five people on the boat. There was some other gear on the boat. To my understanding, they were bow fishing that evening,” said Leonard. “And obviously something went wrong and that investigation is ongoing at this time.”

Owensboro police say they were notified of a water emergency just before 2 a.m. Monday.

They say a boat in the Ohio River started taking on water, forcing all five people on board to get into the water.

Authorities say one of the four passengers called 911.

Officials with the Owensboro Fire Department say debris was a problem in the search as well as inclement weather Monday morning.

“Being a community that responds to river incidents, we do this on a regular basis,” said Battalion Chief Steve Leonard with the Owensboro Fire Department. “There are rescues to be dealt with and recoveries to be dealt with. It’s a difficult part of the job. Fortunately, we do have the equipment and we do have the personnel who are trained to deal with this. As you’ve seen today, we have had multiple agencies from the Tri-State area that are more than willing to help us and be involved in a situation like this.”

We’re told the Owensboro Police Department, Owensboro Fire Departments, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, and Henderson Dive Team helped with the search.

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