Petition calls for government change in Henderson Co.

Henderson Fiscal Court Petition doesn't reach signature goal

HENDERSON, Ky (WFIE) - A petition that would have voters decide on a possible change to how Henderson County’s Fiscal Court did not get the 1,200 signatures needed to make it onto the November ballot.

Charlie McCollom and David Thomason want to get rid of the magistrate system on the fiscal court, which has five representatives elected by people in five districts and replace it with a county commission form of government — which would have three county commissioners elected by county-wide votes.

“Once again it means we’re all working together for a common cause and hopefully we can get some growth in Henderson,” said McCollom. “If you have growth, you’re gonna have more jobs, you’re gonna have more money going through the economy and circulating, you’re gonna have more homes built, there’s gonna be jobs for the people that build homes and if we don’t, we’re just gonna remain stagnant and that’s what we get.”

The deadline was Tuesday at 11 a.m., and not enough signatures were collected.

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