Tri-State stores try to meet demand for back to school shoppers

Tri-State stores try to meet demand for back to school shoppers

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Shopping for school supplies is a no brainer for many Tri-State families this time of year, but what they’re buying, and how much they’re buying is definitely different.

“They might not need a backpack this year if they’re not going back to school,” Target Store Director Neil Crowley said. “But they’ll still need notebooks, they’re still going to have pencils, still going to have some paper - maybe not as much paper.”

“I always make sure my girls have hand sanitizer for their bags just in general for school, so that’s not different,” parent Megan Duncan said. “But we did go and buy fabric for a lady that’s going make them some masks that fit them better for school.”

Also included in their cart are the basics, such as Kleenex and markers. However, they are still on the hunt for wipes, and they’re not the only ones.

“Of course, Clorox wipes - everybody’s out of them and a lot of the sanitizing things,” shopper Peggy Schickel said.

Crowley says the demand is high this year, and all around the country, people are struggling to meet the need.

Several schools are re-opening their doors next week, including those in Warrick, Spencer, and Posey Counties. This comes just one week after the first round of students headed back.

“This year, we’re getting kind of three spikes, as opposed to years past when the majority of the private and public went back within three to four days of each other,” Crowley said.

Regardless of whether students in this second wave are doing online schooling or going back in person, Target says its employees are ready for the crowd.

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