CMOE opens new outdoor sandbox exhibit for kids

CMOE opens new outdoor sandbox exhibit for kids

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The new outdoor sandbox exhibit is now open for kids at the Children’s Museum of Evansville.

The exhibit is located just outside the museum in downtown Evansville. The exhibit includes a sandbox to search for hidden treasure, a garden filled with musical instruments, as well as a giant beach umbrella to relax under.

Employees say they clean the exhibit every couple couple of hours to keep the area safe.

One family was happy this exhibit was open and free.

“It’s nice when they throw these free events,” parent Jesse Heckman said. “And we have four kids, so it’s not the easiest or the most cost effective sometimes to go out and do things with them.”

The playscape will be open until the end of September and is open during regular business hours.

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