Wabash Co. Health Department adding security cameras

Wabash Co. Health Department adding security cameras

MT. CARMEL, Ill. (WFIE) - It is no mystery that health departments like the one in Wabash County have a tough job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You know they’ve been tracing the contacts and people who have to become quarantined,” Wabash County Commissioner Tim Hocking said. “They have to quarantine those people.”

However, as Commissioner Hocking tells 14 News, that job can be easier said than done.

“Sometimes, there are individuals who are less than cooperative,” Hocking said. “I know everybody’s patience is running out on this pandemic. It’s dragged on quite awhile and just, you know, tempers flare a little.”

For an added layer of security and to help ease the minds of those inside the health department tasked with tough duties, security cameras will soon be installed outside the building - a security measure that was assisted by the Wabash County Commissioners.

“I don’t believe they’ve had any real serious threats,” Hocking said. “It’s just something that they felt they needed to do to protect themselves and have some footage available if a problem did come up in the future.”

Hocking hopes the community will be patient during this pandemic. If you happen to get a call from the health department, he says to listen and remember that health officials are just doing their job.

“They’re doing their best - they are working with the hospital and the state to make the situation as best they can,” Hocking said. “Work together, so we can go get a haircut, or go out to eat or do what we want to do.”

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