Class begins for some Evansville Catholic Diocese schools

Class begins for some Evansville Catholic Diocese schools

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Some schools within the Evansville Catholic Diocese are returning to class Wednesday morning.

14 News is learning that every school district has different plans when it comes to reopening during this pandemic. However, they all have the same goal - to keep students and teachers safe and keep COVID-19 out of their classrooms.

Freshman and Sophomores at Mater Dei High School will head back into the classrooms Wednesday for the first time in months.

The diocese released its own guidelines for reopening.

Some of the things that school officials will be requiring of students include wearing a mask at all times. Students will be required to supply their own masks, and they are encouraged to bring more than one mask every day.

Mater Dei officials say if a student forgets a mask, one will be provided for $1.

Some schools will have classrooms with plastic shields around them. Parents are asked to do home wellness checks on their kids before sending them off to school.

All of these steps are an effort to keep the school year going in-person and keep it as normal as possible.

“We are called by Catholics to be in community with one another. So we want to do that really really well,” said Superintendent of the Diocese of Evansville Dr. Daryl Hagan. ”We feel having our students in school, in the building, is the best option for our students. So to say that a student would be able to have a virtual option over here, that doesn’t keep them in community if it keeps them at home and not in our school. If we are closed for two weeks, or a certain period, then all the teachers would then be able to move to the virtual.”

Mass is really important to the Diocese of Evansville and its students, which is why mass will continue, but virtually. It will be streamed from the chapel to each homeroom via Facebook Live.

Mater Dei isn’t the only catholic school in the Evansville Diocese that’s heading back Wednesday.

Students at Corpus Christi, Holy Redeemer, St. Joseph, St. Philip and St. Wendel will also be returning to class.

Juniors and seniors will head back to Mater Dei Thursday, along with students at St. Ben’s and Westside Catholic.

Memorial High School, Christ the King, Holy Spirit, Good Shepherd, Holy Rosary and Resurrection will also be heading back to class on Thursday.

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