Sharon Elem. hosts back to school informational sessions for parents, providers

Sharon Elementary prepares parents for back to school

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - Many students at Sharon Elementary in Newburgh will return to school one week from Wednesday.

Coming off of being named the state’s “Elementary Principal of the year,” Ashlee Bruggenschmidt is hosting information sessions this week to help parents prepare for the changes.

Principal Bruggenschmidt admittedly says it is not going to perfect. There will be some mistakes. But, she says, they will give it their best and they are hoping for the same in return.

Like many others schools, there has been a ton of planning this summer.

She wants the kids to know they are loved, for them to learn and to have fun.

”I want them to feel comfortable, and feel safe and feel confident,” Bruggenschmidt said.

Spaced six feet apart in the parking lot, it is not students sank filled the rows but their parents instead.

With the start of school only getting closer on the calendar, Sharon Elementary leaders have put together packets of information with expectations all through out the school day.

Some of the details even include breaks like recess about how equipment will be sanitized in the morning with only one grade level will be play at a time, among other restrictions.

The parents who we talked to say having the opportunity to listen in and ask questions makes they feel better.

”I’m exited, I’m nervous, I’m a lot of different things,” parent Erin Dayvolt explained. “But I’m just ready for our kids to be with their friends.”

”I definitely have some anxieties about it, but I just feel really comfortable knowing they’re doing everything they can and they’ve thought through all the different corners and all the different possibilities,” parent Andrea Logsdon said. “There’s a lot that’s unpredictable, still, and I know they can’t keep my kid completely free from risk. But, I know they’re doing everything they can and that’s all I really need to hear is that you’re trying with everything to keep them as safe as possible.”

Informational sessions will continue throughout this week.

On Tuesday, the school will host a reverse parade where parents can drive by with their children. Teachers are expected to wave and cheer in place of the traditional picnic that was called off being of the pandemic.

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