Owensboro Public Schools spends nearly $500K on PPE

Owensboro Public Schools spends nearly $500K on PPE

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - As students head back to class, school leaders are doing a lot to keep their classrooms virus free.

Owensboro Public Schools (OPS) are taking COVID-19 very seriously as they plan for students to come back into their buildings.

OPS has spent close to $500,000 on PPE and cleaning supplies directly related to COVID-19.

This money comes from the Federal CARES Funding Act. The school district received more than $1 million to put towards PPE and Chromebooks for students, helping with the virtual school.

Disposable and cloth masks have also been purchased to help out both students and teachers who need them.

Schools have secured 110 thermometers that are touchless, and those will be used to test every teacher, bus driver and students’ temperature daily.

It will be a long process, but a safe one.

“It’s just the ones that you kind of walk up and point right at the forehead and take them digitally that way. It reduces contact, and you’re able to tell pretty much instantaneously what those temperatures are and can move through that line quickly,” said Jared Revlett, the public information officer for OPS. “Because that will slow the process for arrival down. So having them with those instant reads really will help a lot in getting kids into the building once they’re clear.”

It hasn’t been an easy process coming by cleaning supplies and PPE. The school district tells us the cost of gloves went from $22 a case to now $113 a case. However, it’s a cost that OPS officials say the cost doesn’t matter when it comes to the safety of their students.

If a student has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, the school district says they will send them back home with their parents if they are still at the school or bus stop.

If a parent is not around, a student would be isolated on the bus away from the other students and wait until a parent can come get them off the bus.

Owensboro Public School students don’t head back until Monday, August 24.

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