Local man remembers friend who died from COVID-19

Local man remembers friend who died from COVID-19

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Wendell Robinson never forgets the friends he’s lost.

“But I think the older you get, when you start losing your friends, the easier it gets,” Robinson said.

Nevertheless, saying goodbye is still hard. Earlier this summer, Robinson lost his good friend - Mike “Scully” Williams.

“He came by and he said he had the hiccups real bad, so he was going to see a doctor, and they admitted him to the hospital with pneumonia,” Robinson said.

Shortly after Williams passed away, Robinson found out his friend also contracted COVID-19.

“I really do miss him because he was a very instrumental person in our club,” he said.

Robinson often held meetings for the Sterling Men’s Club at his home. The empty seat where his friend always sat, now a reminder of the man he knew and loved.

“He and I - we used to travel to St. Louis and buy hats, something we inherited from our parents, you know, from our dads,” Robinson said. “They wore hats all the time, so we would go to St. Louis just to buy hats and come back.”

Robinson remembers when Williams was the commander at American Legion Post 354, and all of the times they spent on the road heading to jazz festivals, what he calls the good times.

“He was a good guy, man,” Robinson said. “He and I worked together at the American Legion. I was bar manager and he was the commander over there. But, I guess everybody’s got to go their way, you know.”

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