North Posey prepares school buses before students return to class

North Posey prepares school buses before students return to class

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to make sure students, teachers and bus drivers are staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of the bus drivers in Posey County are senior citizens - the higher risk population. This is why bus garage officials says it will be just as important to keep them safe as it will be for the children.

This is the first time in many years the Metropolitan School District of North Posey will have enough bus drivers, which is something the district is very thankful for. However, school officials want to make sure they take all the steps necessary to keep COVID-19 off their buses and out of their schools.

The school district tells 14 News this is going to be a team effort, including employees and parents.

Bus drivers are asking parents to talk to their children about staying in their now assigned seats, and keep away from hugging friends they haven’t seen in a while.

They are also requesting parents to keep their kids home if they notice any signs of illness.

The school district says that officials have put in tons of time and care to ensure the safety of its bus drivers, teachers and students.

”We’ve increased two routes that we had to do away with because of the lack of bus drivers,” Dr. Todd Camp, superintendent of the MSD of North Posey said. “We’ve accrued a lot of cleaning supplies, cleaning materials. We have some sanitation. I hate to say the word ‘guns’ but we have some sanitation guns that we bought last year with the flu. We’re going to sanitize our busses every 24 hours.”

The school district tells 14 News that employees will be using a disinfectant fogger machine on each bus at the end of the day, and will keep cleaning even after the children get off the bus.

School officials will also have students who are family members be required to sit together.

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