IHSA releases intended plans for 2020-21 athletics calendar

Illinois restricting sports as COVID-19 cases rise

IHSA releases intended plans for 2020-21 athletics calendar

ILLINOIS (WFIE) - The Illinois High School Association Board of Directors announced Wednesday that some fall sports are being pushed to the spring.

The affected sports include football, boys soccer and girls volleyball. The seasons will last from February 15 until May 1.

Other sports, such as golf, girls tennis, cross country, as well as girls swimming and diving, will remain as fall sports. These seasons will compete from August 10 until October 24.

Tournament decisions will be made on a sport-by-sport basis as each season progresses.

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IHSA releases intended plans for 2020-21 athletics calendar

Gov. JB Pritzker gave a COVID-19 update on Wednesday.

He said Illinois is now restricting sports for schools and recreation leagues.

Collegiate sports and professional leagues are not impacted by these restrictions.

The newly released guidance categorizes sports into three risk levels - low, medium, or high - based on the amount of contact between athletes and their proximity during play.

The guidance sets four levels of play allowed based on current public health conditions.

  • Level 1 - Only no-contact practices are allowed and they must be outside.
  • Level 2 - Indoor and outdoor practices and intra-team scrimmages are allowed but there can be no competitive play.
  • Level 3 - Intra-conference, intra-region or intra-league play is allowed and there may be state- or league-championship games allowed for low-risk sports only.
  • Level 4 - Tournaments, out-of-conference play, and out-of-state play are allowed.

State championship games would also be allowed in level 4.

Low risk sports can be played at levels 1, 2, and 3, beginning on Saturday, August 15.

Medium risk sports can be played at levels 1 and 2, and high-risk sports can be played at level 1.

See the guidance for youth and adult recreational sports document for more detailed information.

“I know our hearts break when we hear the word ‘restrictions,’ especially when it comes to our children’s love for their sports. Whether this year is their first time on the court or it’s their senior season – this isn’t the news anyone wants to hear,” Gov. Pritzker said. “But with rising rates of spread of the virus, with rising positivity rates throughout Illinois and the United States, this is a situation where the toughest choice is also the safest one. Therefore today, my administration is releasing new guidance restricting youth and adult recreational sports in Illinois. We have worked in consultation with the governing bodies of many of these organized sports programs, and collectively we hope that, when metrics and risks improve measurably, we will be able to restart these sports.”

Illinois has 175,124 total confirmed positive cases and 7,462 deaths.

Here are the current COVID-19 numbers in our part of Illinois:

  • White Co. - 50 cases
  • Wayne Co. - 34 cases, 1 death
  • Wabash Co. - 26 cases
  • Edwards Co. - 10 cases

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