MSD of Mount Vernon receives donation from SABIC for WiFi hotspots

MSD of Mount Vernon receives donation from SABIC for WiFi hotspots

POSEY Co., Ind. (WFIE) - Coming up with the perfect back to school plans has been difficult on school districts. Many road blocks have popped up for school faculty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Metropolitan School District of Mount Vernon decided to give students an option this year that would make them feel comfortable about heading back to school.

“Due to COVID-19, we’ve implemented a virtual option for our schools, from K through five it will be Google Classrooms with one of our teachers actually in our district. Six through twelve will be using Apex Learning,” Dr. Matt Thompson, the Superintendent for MSD of Mount Vernon said.

The school district tells us families are choosing to take advantage of that option. It’s available for any student in the district.

A donation from SABIC, a major employer in Posey County, will help students who are choosing to learn from home.

“SABIC generously gave us $10,000 to buy five portable WiFi stations where you can have multiple families access that WiFi in remote areas,” Dr. Thompson said.

This is something that the school district says will make a big difference for the students who have had issues with internet access before.

“Last year when we went out, several of our rural families had to use paper packets,” Dr. Thompson explained. “That’s really the only access they had. We’re hoping that this year it will be a much better experience.”

Sabic released the following statement about their donation.

“SABIC understands the challenges educators face with re-opening and offering remote learning options to students during this unprecedented time. Our schools do a wonderful job with providing computers and tablets to students, but Posey County faces an additional challenge due to limited broadband access for students in rural areas. SABIC wants to help bridge the gap until a broader solution is implemented by helping equip students with hot spot access to be successful in school.”

-Susan Richardson, SABIC Corporate Affairs Sr. Manager

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