Students could face anxiety when heading back to school during a pandemic

Health professionals talk learning to cope during uncertain times

Students could face anxiety when heading back to school during a pandemic

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - There is bound to be some anxiety for students as they prepare to head back to school during uncertain times. We spoke with some mental health professionals about the struggles parents and students could experience during the upcoming school year.

One doctor we spoke with tells us this is all new territory, not just for doctors, but also for the schools and families. It’s really just about taking this in stride and one day at a time.

As kids are heading back to school, there are some things that parents can do to prepare their kids for this new normal.

First, as your children are sitting at home, they could be playing video games or playing with their toys around the house. These are great times to have your kids practice wearing masks.

This helps do a couple of things, it makes wearing a mask in school feel a little more normal, and it helps kids get comfortable with wearing masks.

Another concern could be breaking away from those stay-at-home routines. Kids are going to be more used to being at home with their parents as many have been working from home. Back to school changes happen. One way to help this is to encourage some independent playtime.

However, as anxiety could be high, there are some signs to look for in your children as they head back to school during this pandemic.

“You want to look for physical signs, which could be all of a sudden they have headaches, body aches, bellyaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,” said Jenny Ahmed, a psychiatric nurse practitioner. “Some behavioral complaints could be avoidance, trouble concentrating, trouble focusing, difficulty falling asleep. In all age groups, younger kids it would be tantrums. Older kids might be rebellion, agitation, irritability.”

Evansville Psychiatric Associates tells us they have seen an increase in the need for mental health care since COVID-19 happened.

If you feel your child is struggling or you the parent is struggling mentally, it is important to seek help. Evansville Psychiatric Associates tell us they are doing their visits virtually.

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