Health officials clear up ‘myths’ about COVID-19 contact tracing

Health officials clear up ‘myths’ about COVID-19 contact tracing

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Kentucky State Health Officials are looking to clear up what they call myths about COVID-19 contact tracing.

They say it’s not true the government will use contact tracing to track your movements or come to your home to isolate you or your family.

Officials say it’s not true that information collected by health departments will be turned over to immigration, law enforcement or Child Protective Services.

But, will you be asked about your private information? Officials say that, too, is a myth.

According to officials, contact tracing is commonly used and helps to slow the spread of diseases.

Contact tracers should only be calling you to help monitor your symptoms or to ask you to isolate yourself - based on your COVID-19 tests results.

And if they do ask for any information, officials say that you only need to provide details about your health and well being.

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