Families of local students host surprise parade for two Evansville teachers

Holy Rosary Catholic School hosts surprise parade for local teachers

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The families of students who attend Holy Rosary Catholic School held a surprise parade for two very special teachers on Friday afternoon.

School leaders tell 14 News that Joan Fredrich and Tracy Unfried have been working extra hard getting the school ready to reopen in a couple of weeks. So families organized a surprise parade to show some appreciation for all they have been doing for their kids.

”Well, I was completely surprised,” Fredrich said. “I was duped to get me out here to talk about parking, and of course that is not why I was asked to come out here at all. It’s amazing - a very touching surprise.”

Fredrich says she is very excited for the kids to be coming back into the classroom this fall.

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