Gov. Pritzker: ‘Masks are not the enemy. If you don’t wear one, you are’

IL Gov. Pritzker giving daily update.
IL Gov. Pritzker giving daily update.(WFIE)
Updated: Jul. 22, 2020 at 9:10 AM CDT
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ILLINOIS (WFIE) - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker gave a COVID-19 update Wednesday.

There are more than 164,000 cases in Illinois and more than 7,000 deaths.

Governor Pritzker said there were more than 1,600 new cases to report Wednesday, the highest one day number they’ve had in July.

“Not wearing a mask is not a political statement... It shows a disregard for others,” he said. “Masks are not the enemy. The enemy is you.”

Governor Prizker asked local leaders to clamp down, so the state doesn’t have to.

He says different regions are seeing different numbers in cases, so it should be up to local leaders to make mandates to lower those numbers.

“If it sounds like I’m taking this extremely seriously, it’s because I am. You should too,” he said.

Pritzker said an unemployment fraud scheme has been uncovered nationally.

He says if you have not filed for unemployment, but received some, your information has likely been used as part of the scam.

Call (800) 814-0513 if you believe you are a victim. If you got an unemployment debit card and didn’t apply, don’t activate it.

The governor also announced the moratorium banning housing eviction has been expanded until Aug. 22.

[Illinois Coronavirus Website]

Here are the current COVID-19 numbers in our part of Illinois:

  • White Co. - 31 cases
  • Wayne Co. - 25 cases, 1 death
  • Wabash Co. - 23 cases
  • Edwards Co. - 5 cases

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