EVSC discusses reopening plan

EVSC discusses reopening plan

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - EVSC Superintendent Dr. David Smith discussed the EVSC reopening plan.

EVSC’s new start date is four weeks from Wednesday.

For the second time this month, district leaders are hosting a live video session on social media where they’re releasing new information to parents and other guardians.

We know when students return, it’ll be staggered.

So on the 19th- through that Friday- only last names A through J will return. The following Monday through Wednesday- last names K through Z will take their turn. All students will then merge on Thursday and Friday.

Superintendent Dr. David Smith also laid out new expectations. This includes screening at home before school. The temperature threshold being used is 100 degrees.

But also looking for signs of illness such as; cough, congestion, and chills.

Here is the following statement EVSC sent out:

Due to the risk of Covid-19, the EVSC is taking measures to make school buses as safe as possible this school year. This includes requiring all students to wear masks and limiting the number of students to a maximum of two per seat. This will lead to reduced capacity and will limit our ability to provide transportation as we have done in the past. Because of this, we are requiring families to enroll in bus transportation in order for your child to ride the school bus. Families that do not enroll are not guaranteed school bus service this year.

Failure to enroll this year will result in your child not being able to ride. The questionnaire sent previously was only for survey purposes, so you must enroll using the link above. If you do not need bus services for this year, no action is required.

We want to thank all families who have indicated they are taking their child to and from school this year, as this will help us to accommodate those who are not able to do so. If your family does not enroll in bus transportation, we will consider that to mean you do not need bus service and your student will not be included in the bus routing process. If you are unable to fill out the form online, call 812-435-8866. As always, we appreciate your cooperation as we deal with the ramifications of Covid-19.

You can watch the meeting live below.

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For more information, you can visit EVSC’s website.

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