Hopkins Co. Schools administrators working towards start of school year

Hopkins Co. Schools administrators working towards start of school year

HOPKINS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Hopkins County Schools are just over a month away from returning to school. Administrators are meeting this week to plan for what the school year might look like.

“Part of what we’ve been doing this week is our principals have been working with all the elementary together, the middle, and the high, to develop their plan, and then we’ll share that with our health task force, and we’ll share that with the local health department for approval,” said Dr. Deanna Ashby, superintendent of Hopkins County Schools.

This year officials say families can choose between two options: send your students back to class, or remote learning.

“We have talked about a soft opening that we will have prior to the beginning of school,” said Dr. Ashby. “Our first day is August 26, to work with our students in small groups, similar to an orientation about learning all the new health and safety requirements.”

Dr. Ashby said the administrative team also met with local health officials Tuesday morning, discussing everything from contact tracing, to how they’ll handle lunch. She also said students might be required to wear masks in certain situations.

“What we have learned today, and its been reaffirmed by our health department unless you are six feet away from someone or greater, then you will have to wear a mask. And that is the expectation that is being shared with us,” Dr. Ashby said.

Officials tell 14 News, this year the district is rolling out a new registration process. April Devine, Director of People Personnel said that the registration process will let parents remotely choose if they want their kids to go back to in-person classes or if they would like them to learn remotely.

Devine said the state purchased this system with CARES Act money. She said Hopkins County Schools chose to implement the tool this year partially due to COVID-19. She said the tool is through their parent portal.

“We decided to go ahead to use the process for this school year, to offer a safe way for our parents to stay at home to use the process to register and enroll their students from the comfort of their own homes with the parent portal process,” said Devine. “But we’re also going to allow our parents to come to the schools to utilize a Kiosk mode starting next week as well.”

Devine said they ask only one person per household to use this tool.

You can look out for the details on the Hopkins County Schools website in the next few days.

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