Owensboro man currently on ventilator as he fights COVID-19

An Owensboro man is now on a ventilator as he fights off COVID-19
Updated: Jul. 21, 2020 at 4:34 PM CDT
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - An Owensboro man is now on a ventilator as he fights off COVID-19. His family says he contracted the virus, even without any pre-existing health conditions.

“I would have never thought that someone in our family would be in the hospital in the condition that my husband’s in,” said wife to Terry, Angela Anderson.

59-year-old Terry Anderson was admitted to the hospital last Monday after he tested positive for coronavirus.

“Terry has never had any health issues. He’s not diabetic, he doesn’t have high blood pressure, he doesn’t have heart issues, no lung issues, no kidney issues. He is, all in all, a very healthy person,” said Anderson.

Terry’s wife Angela, who’s also a nurse, says he wasn’t the only one to contract COVID-19. She says she and her two children also tested positive.

“You know, I’m sitting here talking to you now and I have felt a little under the weather maybe but not even so much as taking Tylenol, I feel okay,” said Anderson.

But Angela says that’s not the case for her husband. She says after being admitted to Owensboro Health more than a week ago, Terry has now been placed on a ventilator.

“Yesterday he was put on a ventilator and then today he had to have a chest tube put in so every day has gotten a little bit worse,” said Anderson.

Angela says as a wife worried about her husband’s life.

“Broken, lost, we miss him horribly and we just want him home,” said Anderson.

She’s pleading that everyone should do their part and wear a mask.

“If you or I wearing our mask saves one person’s life, isn’t that worth it?” said Anderson.

Angela says she’s hoping that her husband’s health will take a turn for the better.

“Hopefully right now, maybe we’re making that turn and from what I understand it’s 10 to 14 days out typically and so we’re hoping,” said Anderson.

Anderson says she’s asking the community to lift her family up in prayer.

Anderson says she’ll be able to come out of quarantine Saturday. But she says strict visitor restrictions at Owensboro Health still remain in place.

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