Different types of face masks: Which ones are best?

Deaconess doctor explains which type of mask best suits general public

Different types of face masks: Which ones are best?

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - When COVID-19 first hit the Tri-State area, face masks were hard to come by and people were making them at home.

After a few months passed, stores got on board and started selling them for the general public, but how does the public know what masks are best?

14 News asked Deaconess Midtown Medical Director Dr. Phillip Adams about surgical masks.

“This disposable mask that opens, and it also has the wire so that I can put it on my nose and really form it to my nose, and have a good fit,” 14 News reporter Chellsie Parker said.

“So those are the typical surgical masks that we typically reserve for healthcare providers,” Dr. Adams responded. “The CDC has actually recommended when we’re out in public that we try to use the cloth-based masks, and that we reserve these for healthcare professionals.”

If cloth masks are the type of face coverings that CDC officials recommend, how do people know what mask is best for keeping them safe? We found a package of two cloth face masks at Target for around $5 in total.

“It says on the inside that it is 100% cotton, and you can see it has two layers here,” Parker explained. “And it appears it has an additional opening here - where I think you can put an additional filter?”

Dr. Adams says this typical mask is the one the CDC recommends.

“When we speak, or we sneeze, or we cough, we project little particles of fluid,” Dr. Adams said. “And so the theory behind that is - that cloth mask can help prevent those particles from reaching other people.”

For safety precautions, Dr. Adams states it’s recommended to wash cloth-based face masks after it gets wet, possibly even on a daily basis.

When it comes to plastic face shields being sold in stores, doctors say they are helpful in protecting people against COVID-19, but they should not be used alone. If anyone uses one, wear it along with a face mask for additional coverage.

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