Families, teachers stocking up on supplies as new school year approaches

Families, teachers stocking up on supplies as new school year approaches

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - As families head into the stores to grab their back-to-school supplies, even the kids notice it feels a little stranger this year.

Clayton Young is heading into fourth grade and he said things definitely look different.

“I don’t really like wearing masks, but it’s fine with me,” Young said. “And then we have to have like water bottles in school.”

While parents prepare for a new school year, they worry about what lies ahead for their children.

Gena Garrett has two kids going into second and fifth grades.

“We kind of always knew what to expect, and so we don’t know what their classrooms going to look like, or like how their day is going to go,” Garrett said. “So it’s a little hard to prepare them.”

Parents tell 14 News that back-to-school shopping lists look generally the same, but the biggest change they are trying to prep their kids for will be the masks. Garrett said preparing her second grader is taking a little extra work this year.

“We really have been kind of trying to get him to practice washing his hands, and making him practice wearing his mask,” Garrett said.

Meanwhile, teachers are also facing the unknown this year. Stephanie Latta, a second grade teacher, said she’s planning out ways to calm her students’ minds.

”I feel like the more you talk about it, the less scary things get,” Latta said. “So bringing in books that they can relate to - making them feel more comfortable, and just explaining the why behind everything.”

Although there is a lot of unknown when it comes to heading back to school during a pandemic, what is known is that teachers have missed their kids a whole lot.

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