Different protocols set for teachers who test positive with COVID-19

COVID-19 protocols for teachers in Indiana will be different than for students

Different protocols set for teachers who test positive with COVID-19

INDIANA (WFIE) - School systems, like the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, have provided guidance on what happens this fall if one of their students tests positive for COVID-19, but what if a teacher contracts the virus?

According to Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box, the next course of action would be 10 days of self-isolation, plus the teacher must be 72 hours past having any fever before being able to return to school.

However, cases could be different, depending on which grade a teacher works with.

“If she is a kindergarten teacher who has been in close contact with her little ones, wiping their snotty noses, and had more interaction than, you know, we would like to see from a social distancing standpoint, we may have to quarantine the whole classroom of children,” Dr. Box said. “If she is working with junior high or high school students, and has been maintaining social distancing and wearing her mask, we would recommend students observe signs and symptoms, and test as needed and continue to go to school.”

Dr. Box says the wide range of student age groups that teachers interact with on a daily basis is why public health needs to play a critical role in school reopening plans.

Click here to watch Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and Dr. Box’s coronavirus briefing from Wednesday.

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