Henderson Co. School Board to vote on reopening plans Thursday

Henderson Co. School Board to vote on reopening plans Thursday

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - On Monday night, the Henderson County School Board held a special meeting to discuss reopening plans for school this fall.

Three options were presented to the Board by Superintendent Morganna Stanley: in-person instruction, a Virtual Learning Academy and non-traditional instruction (NTI).

“We feel like on August 26 we can start in-person classes, that’s 6-6 ½ weeks away. We know flexibility will be the key to the 2020 school year,” said Stanley. “There’s no doubt throughout the school year that we’ll use all 3 of those options.”

There will be a lot of changes in getting to - and learning - in the classroom this year.

When it comes to school buses: students will load back to front, students will have assigned seats, and face masks will be required for 1st grade and up.

Arrivals will be staggered in schools and temperature checks will occur at the door.

Face masks will be required for students in 1st grade and up when social distancing is not possible and when moving throughout the building. Superintendent Stanley said that students will get “breaks” throughout the day so wearing a covering does not become uncomfortable.

“We know we can’t prevent COVID from coming into our schools, but we know that we can significantly reduce that possibility,” said Stanley.

Parents were also in attendance for the meeting - voicing concerns and questions pertaining to the upcoming year.

“I would love for my kid to go back to in-person instruction,” said Desire Smith. “But I also recognize that there are parents here that are fearful of COVID-19 or have people that are at-risk in their household. My big thing is advocating for parents’ choice in how they think their family should be looking at this next school year.”

The Board has now scheduled a meeting for Thursday at 5:30 to discuss the options and take a vote.

“Whatever the Board determines we will work to make happen,” said Stanley. “We feel very confident that in-class can happen in Henderson County schools and we’re excited about the first day of school for our kids.”

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