Evansville mask ordinance draws strong opposition during Monday meeting

Evansville mask ordinance draws strong opposition during Monday meeting

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Strong opinions oppose a face mask ordinance that’s being considered by Evansville’s City Council.

Although Monday night was just the first reading, several people still showed up to share their stance.

“But I will not wear a mask,” one woman attending the meeting stated.

The disapproval seemed to flow one after another.

“I will not comply with wearing one; I have breathing problems,” another woman shared. “Even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t comply.”

“All any of us care about is the health of the community,” at-large council member Ron Beane declared. “We don’t give a [bleep] whether you wear your mask or not when you go and leave here, but what we want is a place to be safe for our kids to go to school and for people to work and assemble.”

Some people say this decision is government overreach and a violation of personal liberty.

“I wear a mask; I am not opposed to wearing a mask,” a man said. “But what I am against is my constitutional liberties being infringed on.”

“When you talk about personal liberties, there are personal liberties at stake for the people who have to take care of their loved ones who are dying, for the nurses, doctors, and people around you,” at-large council member Kaitlin Moore-Morley responded. “For God’s sake, wear a mask.”

There was one exception that expressed support for face coverings.

“I have 40 employees. If we close, I have to pick up the phone and call to let them know they’re not going to be able to work to feed their families anymore,” a local business owner shared.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s executive order goes into effect Wednesday, but with minimal enforcement and no punishments attached.

Councilman Jonathan Weaver says they plan to monitor how the Mayor’s mandate goes over the next couple of weeks before making any changes or decisions on the ordinance.

It is back on the table for their meeting on the 27th.

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