City council gives $400k to help with housing project

City council gives $400k to help with housing project

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Council members had a change of heart on a resolution previously rejected at its last meeting.

Last month, Council shot down a resolution benefiting the Memorial Community Development Corporation.

The Evansville City Council passed a resolution giving $400,000 to the development corporation.

The money will be used to build 10 homes for families who will rent and hopefully one day own the properties.

That $400,000 from the city council is going toward the grand total of this project, which is $1.5 million.

“$400,000 is a good amount of money and we’d like to have it for emergencies that came, but this is a good program and understanding how the process all fits together now, I’m comfortable voting yes,” said Ron Beane.

This one has the capacity for multi-generational change for ten families in our community, and I would advocate that all of us support it unanimously,” said Zac Heronemus.

The Memorial Community Development Corporation has already chosen ten lots where homes will be built. With the help of a few more grants, they believe they will have all the funds to make this project happen.

The corporation will choose families to rent these homes for the amount that fits their specific budget.

Corporation officials tell us the wealth gap in the community needs to be closed, and homeownership is a great way to do that.

“When you have a safe decent affordable home, a lot of other factors just kind of go in line, education, health, all of those disparities that can be affected are often lessened or in a more positive light when you have a safe home,” said Executive Director Serita Cabell.

The group hopes to have all of their findings secured by November so they can start construction in the fall.

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