Madisonville market and coffee bar vandalized

Madisonville market and coffee bar vandalized

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - A local business owner found out the mural on the back of her business was vandalized on Wednesday evening.

”This is not okay to do this,” Jenny Gibson, owner of Big City Market & Coffee Bar said. “This is not how you speak out.”

In nearly seven years of owning her business on Sugg Street, Gibson says she hasn’t experienced anything like this before.

”What bothers me the most I guess is that clearly this is just a case of vandalism, and kids being ruthless and not caring about someone else’s property,” Gibson said.

Gibson says her biggest frustrations come from the “BLM” graffiti on the wall - referencing the Black Lives Matter protests. She says she has no doubt that the phrase has anything to do with the vandalism.

”This business was created seven years ago for people in this community - all people in this community to come together,” Gibson said. “Our client base very closely matches the percentage of population in our community of Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and Caucasians.”

The Madisonville Police Department says neighboring security footage is being reviewed to see if officers can identify anyone involved.

”Obviously I have to cover it up,” Gibson said. “This is my place of business, but I would like to keep it up for a couple of days. I want members of the community to see what happened here. Maybe some parents will see it, give them an opportunity to talk to their kids about it.”

Gibson says she has heard from parents who believe they have an idea of who did the vandalism.

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