Anonymous survey asks EVSC teachers about returning to school

EVSC sends families their own survey

Anonymous survey asks EVSC teachers about returning to school

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A parent-led survey meant for EVSC teachers is garnering a lot of attention on social media.

An Evansville parent and PTA president is the one who started the conversation among teachers in the area.

As parents and teachers wrap their minds around going back to school during a pandemic, Julia VanWormer decided to take matters into her own hands.

“We as parents, we need to know how our teachers feel,” VanWormer said. “They are responsible for so much of the progress of our children’s lives.”

VanWormer, a parent of three children, created a survey for EVSC teachers to take anonymously. She asked questions about how comfortable teachers felt when it came to returning to school.

She says many teachers responded they were not comfortable with going back, and the response was overwhelming.

“No - no one wants to open August 5,” VanWormer said. “75% said no - we should not open school as planned.”

Teachers were able to express those concerns without using their names. VanWormer explained some of the concerns.

“They are scared for their families,” VanWormer said. “They are scared for their jobs. They don’t know how it’s going to work with sick pay.”

Meanwhile, EVSC is also taking action by sending their own survey out to families. It also saw a large response with more than 10,000 responses.

“Right now it’s interesting - the numbers,” Jason Woebkenberg, an EVSC spokesperson said. “It looks like about 85% of those responding said they’re going to take option A, which is our learning at school model. Of course, with protocols in place.”

Another part of the survey asked parents if they would be able to provide their own transportation for students to cut back on the number of students on school buses. EVSC said a little more than half said they would be able to do that.

VanWormer hopes the survey is something that will spark some change in EVSC this fall. She also hopes they will look at the survey and take the responses into account.

EVSC had no comment on the parent-led surveys. EVSC officials say they plan to have the data from their survey available by Friday.

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