Teachers prepare for upcoming school year; Survey sent to EVSC parents

Updated: Jul. 8, 2020 at 8:39 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - As we told you earlier this week, the EVSC is seeking the input of parents as it prepares to reopen on August 5. On Wednesday, a survey was sent to families - getting their take on the discussions of reopening plans.

Parents are asked to fill out a questionnaire for each school-aged child in their household. Earlier this week, Superintendent Dr. David Smith discussed the options parents would have which includes either in-person, remote learning or a virtual academy.

He also discussed social distancing, masks policies and what happens if a student gets sick with the coronavirus.

Evansville teachers are preparing to go back to school in just a few weeks - but now they’re asking for the school system to include them in future planning.

We are less than a month away from EVSC re-opening their doors for the new school year.

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Their plan to reopen in a traditional setting has been controversial among the community, but what do teachers have to say?

”Our voices need to be heard and needs to be represented fully in this decision-making process, “ said teacher Shelby Phelps.

Teachers tell us there are a lot of things they are having to re-think when it comes to how their classes will function.

”The social aspect of school is going to be really different, so as a teacher with that in mind,” said teacher Leah Macdonald. “I’m trying to think about ways I can try to harness that, maybe have them go out into the community in a social distancing safe way.”

They tell us group work will look different and class assignments may be virtual, but the amount of attention they put into planning and caring for the students will always be the same.

”We’re excited to meet our new students, and we’re excited to care for them and make sure they’re getting the academics and social-emotional support that they need,” said Phelps.

What about those kids who won’t be returning to the hallways and are choosing virtual learning this year?

These teachers say they’re here for you too.

”I have an email, and if my students need help, assistance, or anything I can do, I’d be more than happy to do that,” said Macdonald.

Whether students are in a physical classroom or online, the school year is starting, and teachers are ready for whatever choice their students make.

”We’re excited, we’re nervous, but we’re going to create the tone for the year,” said Phelps.

Teachers tell us school officials have sent them a questionnaire, and they hope this is the beginning of their opinions being heard before any more changes are made to the reopening plans.

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