Posey County Schools come up with joint reopening plan

Posey County Schools come up with joint reopening plan

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Schools in Posey County are preparing for their “new normal” this fall.

It will look a little different for kids as they head into the 2020 school year this August. School officials said the pandemic is something they could have never truly planned for.

“I told our teachers that there is no chapter on pandemics as you are studying to become an administrator,” Dr. Matt Thompson, the Superintendent for the MSD of Mt. Vernon explained. “So this is all new and definitely caught us by surprise.”

It caught them by surprise, but the school districts in Posey County have worked day and night to come up with their best plan for keeping students and staff safe this year.

“Hand wipes and things that students will be able to use. We’re putting those up in the classrooms, and we’re also having cleaning stations where they can come and wipe things off when they’re out in the hallway or in the foyer,” Dr. Todd Camp the MSD of North Posey Superintendent said.

Parents in Posey County are reacting to these reopening plans. Some are saying they are ready to send their kids back and trust the plans in place, while others are coming up with plans of their own and do not plan to send students back this fall.

Christy Tolliver, a MSD of Mt. Vernon Parent said she and her parents who live next door are high risks. It’s why there is no question, the kids are not going back to school this fall.

“My kids are going to go to online school until there is some change in the virus status,” Tolliver said.

Although face masks will not be required for students at either school, they are going to be strongly encouraged to wear masks in and out of the classrooms.

“We are not requiring masks but we strongly recommend they have them, especially if you’re in public area,” Dr. Thompson said.

Both school districts are offering e-learning for students who are at high risk.

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