White County town remains under boil water advisory

White County town remains under boil water advisory

GRAYVILLE, IL. (WFIE) - The town of Grayville remains under a boil order as work continues on the town’s water tower.

Grayville’s water and sewer manager tells 14 News that crews are draining the water tower, and the tower will be fully restored inside and repainted outside.

Earlier this year, town officials secured a $500,000 grant to replace a quarter of the town’s water mains and service lines, which are more than 100 years old.

“A lot of people are very understanding,” Codey Lynn, water and sewer operator in Grayville said. “There’s a few that get upset with us, but most people know that we’re trying to do the right thing. There’s a lot of buildup in that tower of stuff in that water well. The aquifer that we’re part of it’s got a lot of iron and manganese in it, which gets in the pipes, and that’s ultimately what’s breaking off and what’s making the water dirty.”

Lynn says the water line replacement project is slated to being in early 2021.

Officials say there was fire hydrant replacement and water tower maintenance that shut down the water system.

Once the water is back on, residents are asked to boil it before using it.

One town customer sent 14 News a short video of the water coming from his faucet on Monday, and it was brown.

Grayville, IL under boil advisory

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