Daviess Co. Fiscal Court postpones vote on Confederate monument

Daviess Co. Fiscal Court postpones vote on Confederate monument

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Daviess County Fiscal Court has decided to delay its decision on a possible relocation of a confederate statue which currently sits on the courthouse lawn.

The vote was not unanimous but passed 3-1.

“I think there a lot of people out there in the county that would like to see this - like to have an opportunity to talk about this,” Commissioner George Wathen expressed.

“We gain nothing by waiting a month; gain absolutely nothing,” Judge/Executive Al Mattingly stated. “You’re going to hear from the same folks who oppose it. You’re going to hear from the same folks that support it.”

The resolution would remove it from the courthouse lawn. The monument was gifted to the county by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and would be returned to the organization.

“I think it’s time we make a decision; the court needs to make a decision,” Mattingly added.

The NAACP and its affiliates have continued the push from its removal.

“My concern is making sure it’s put in place where it’s not celebrated or honored,” Owensboro NAACP President Rev. Rhondalyn Randolph told 14 News.

The resolution allows for the statue to be relocated to a property south of Panther Creek on US-431 owned by the Daughters of the Confederacy Kentucky chapter where there are pre-existing monuments from the Battle of Panther Creek.

“That’s where they wanted it, but it doesn’t have to go there,” Mattingly shared.

Commissioner George Wathen proposed more time be provided which would allow for more public opinion, but also vaguely mentioned a second location option for relocation though specific details were not given.

“I don’t feel bad about it because it’s still going to be moved; my question is: where?,” Randolph questioned.

In a phone call with Commissioner Wathen following the meeting, he said it is very likely the monument will be moved. The vote is back on the table for August 6.

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