Posey Co. Jail adopts new mail scanner

Posey Co. Jail adopts new mail scanner

POSEY Co., Ind. (WFIE) - In Posey County, they have a new mail scanning device at the jail.

On May 8, the staff at Posey County Jail was doing the daily mail intake when the jail staff noticed something strange behind the stamp of an envelope.

”They contacted the investigation side of the sheriff’s office and it was tested and was tested for suboxone which is a schedule three in the state of Indiana,” Sheriff Tom Latham, of Posey County, said.

Upon further investigation, 39-year old Krista Carnahan of Mt. Vernon was arrested, accused of trying to send drug paraphernalia inside of the jail.

That allowed investigators to intercept other letters coming in and fast-tracking the adoption of the new mail scanner.

”The jail staff still has that possibility of exposure if they’re not complying with the policy, however, this reduced almost to zero to the other inmates and the ability to traffic a controlled substance in the jail,” Sheriff Latham said.

Here’s how it’ll work; mail will still be filtered by jail staff, with the exception of attorney-client mail, and will be transferred through the mail scanner.

The scanner will then digitally transfer the mail to a ‘no-reply email’ that will connect with the inmate.

”It’s going to be great for staff. Hopefully, we will eliminate lots of contraband coming in,” Mark Pharr, the Jail Commander at Posey County Jail said. “Scan it in, eliminate storage problems, clutter for the inmate, cause it’ll all be electronic.”

The new device will also come at no cost to the facility.

“The scanner is free so there’s no additional cost, so they come in and set it up and train the staff at no additional cost,” Sheriff Latham said.

The sheriff tells us they just received the scanner on Tuesday and will start training and implementing the new system as soon as possible.

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