Officials address carcinogens in Owensboro apartments

Officials address carcinogens in Owensboro apartments

OWENSBORO, Ky (WFIE) - A 14 News update on a story in Owensboro we told you about last week.

After finding a potentially harmful carcinogen is seeping into an Owensboro apartment complex, residents met with management and experts to clarify what’s being done to eliminate the problem.

In a letter to residents, the leasing company, Cohen-Esrey, stated that exposure to the vapor can cause side-effects like dizziness, headaches and fatigue. It also stated that ‘long-term exposure can increase the risk of certain types of cancer.’

In spite of the meeting on Tuesday, some residents we spoke with are still moving out.

“I feel like the entire meeting was the buck being passed around to a different organization, the way this situation has been handled, and the way we’ve been treated as tenants it’s really unacceptable,” Kadara Kascott said.

TCE is used as a solvent for degreasing metal parts. It can be found in consumer products, including wood finishes, adhesives, paint removers and stain removers.

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