Community gathers to discuss policing, racial equality

Community gathers to discuss policing, racial equality

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Evansville NAACP held a meeting with the EPD Chief, County Sheriff, and community leaders where they discussed community policing and racial equality.

Prior to COVID-19 happening, community leaders and law enforcement say they were already planning on meeting to discuss these topics.

The Evansville NAACP says Tuesday’s meeting was held to discuss community policing and possible future actions stemming from the recent killings of black men and women by police officers across the United States.

These leaders say they’re addressing how law enforcement will handle these concerns.

“The list that we have although that list is an exhausting list coming from the national office, not all the things on there is applicable to Evansville,” said Rev. Gerald Arnold with the Evansville NAACP. “We’ve not had certain issues like in many of the cities. We’re going to take that list and the things that’s not applicable to us, we’re not going to haggle over those.”

EPD Chief Billy Bolin says he agrees with Arnold.

“Most of the things they’re pushing for, I’m very open to discussing. I think we’re pretty much there on most of them already. And I think there’s a lot of room where we can jointly move forward together on making progress,” said Bolin.

At the meeting, We’re told they also discussed ways they plan on working with the community on racial equality.

“I would just recommend that citizens know that the NAACP is available for them to speak with and to file their complaints with. Their complaints are held in confidence,” said Rev. Floyd Edwards, with the NAACP.

These leaders say they’ll be holding another meeting in the near future, regarding when they can begin making plans for community events they will create an open dialogue.

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