Owensboro woman remains cautious after possible COVID-19 exposure at KC’s Marina Pointe

Owensboro woman remains cautious after possible COVID-19 exposure at KC’s Marina Pointe

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A local woman is speaking about her time at KC’s Marina Pointe on the night that health officials say there was potential COVID-19 exposure.

Amanda Frank and her friend were out enjoying themselves at the restaurant on June 20. However, she later found out that a customer with a confirmed COVID-19 infection was inside the bar at the same time.

Since this revelation, Frank says she’s been monitoring herself for the virus.

“We’ve been quarantined since March, so we wanted to get out and have a good time,” Frank said.

Officials with the Vanderburgh County Health Department say the person with COVID-19 was not wearing a face-covering or social distancing during that time, exposing others to the contagious disease.

”I’m showing no signs or symptoms of anything,” Frank said. “My friend that was with me - she’s showing no signs.”

Although she’s showing no symptoms, Frank is erring on the side of caution.

“I told my boss what was going on because I just now went back to work,” Frank said. “I’m doing daily temperature checks and I keep myself out of the public at least as much as possible.”

Health officials say if you were at the bar on the evening of June 20, you should monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms.

Frank says she plans on going out eventually, but not any time soon.

“I always have hand sanitizer on me, so that way if I can’t get to a restroom and wash my hands, I can at least sanitize my hands,” Frank said.

According to a Facebook post from KC’s Marina Pointe, no employees or staff have tested positive. Restaurant management says they’ve taken additional sanitary precautions and had no confirmed reports of anyone else testing positive.

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