McLean Co. is recovering from weekend flooding

McLean Co. is recovering from weekend flooding

MCLEAN Co., Ky (WFIE) - Parts of the Tri-State were hit hard with flooding over the weekend. McLean County is still under a state of emergency.

14 News got a few reactions from people and businesses who have been hit hard by the heavy rainfall. 

Clark Haines is the Pastor of Who So Ever Will Mission, he says two-thirds of their church got flooded.  

“This is the worst I’ve ever seen it happen,” said Clark Haines. “What’s going through my mind right now is the job ahead of us of getting this cleaned up.”

“We found that there was about six inches of water throughout the church. And a lot of mud, mud is everywhere as you can see in the parking lot,” said Haines. 

County officials say some people are displaced from their homes. On top of that, restaurants like Jay’s Drive-In also flooded. 

Michelle Doss owns Jay’s Drive-In. 

“We live maybe 10 minutes away by the time we got here, it was already in the Drive-In,” Doss said. “We had things in the parking lot, I don’t know what they were, where they came from.”

As for what’s next, people say cleaning up is going to be happening over the next few days. 

“Hopefully we’ll be back to at least where we can run the window,” said Doss.

County officials tell us Eubanks Road is still closed, but Old Livermore Road is back open as of Monday afternoon.

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